• Does M-Experiment test for optical and impact performance?

    M-Experiment is committed to delivering the highest level of performance in every model consistent with that model's intended use. 

    M-Experiment eyewear complies with the provisions and security requirements of the following:

    European Directive 89/689/EEC - EU Regulation 2016/425 - Standard EN ISO 12312-1:2013/A1:2015 - ANSI Z80.3-2018 - AS/NZS 1067

    All certificates of conformity are available online at: www.m-experiment.com

  • Can I purchase frames separately from my lenses?

    The frame only is not available for purchase. The lenses are interchangeable with the original frames. Send it in for evaluation if the frame has cracked or is broken due to a defect. If that's the case, we'll replace the frame at no charge if covered under warranty or for a nominal charge outside the warranty coverage.

  • Can I purchase a single replacement lens?

    Sorry, lens replacements are sold in pairs to maintain the consistency and superiority of our optics. You can purchase the full set for specific available products via Lenses

  • Polarizing the non-polar

    Our polarized lenses are designed to fit in frames that originally came with non-polarized lenses you can purchase replacement lenses for certain specific models at m-experiment.com

  • How do I safely clean my lenses?

    We only recommend using an M-Experiment bag or a lens cleaning kit to clean your lenses. Do not use solvents, chemicals, or third-party cleaning kits because they haven’t been tested on our lenses and can damage them.